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The 11th Hour’s first release was a 3-track CD in 2000.

Calling Earth EP – 2000


Recorded January – March 2000 at Stanford Sound and GBM, Abingdon.

Track listing & song page links:

1. Marred
2. My Inspiration
3. I Can See Her Face

Copies distributed on CD: ~30

Cover by Jez Fernandez.

This EP was recorded for the purposes of publicising the band in 2000.

Copies went to all sorts of people, from people involved in Christian music, to friends, family and anyone else who was interested. The EP was our first official release, and represents a good effort at capturing the band’s sound.

Despite the relatively good technology on offer, some of
the ‘invisible’ backing that underpinned the actual bass and drums
recorded on the EP was rushed, the result being that My Inspiration, in particular, was a little slow and lacked punch. (Entirely Paul’s fault!)

Additionally, a less than magical antique microphone meant the vocals were pretty thin, or authentically 60s, depending on your point of view. Still, the group played well and the songs shone through: Marred for its chorus, excellent guitar work and imaginative lyrical concerns, I Can See Her Face for its sheer groove – and Steve did a fantastic job of arranging the song from Paul’s original version.

This CD enabled us to make some connections in the Christian music
scene and play several high-profile gigs that year.

The EP was recorded in a Fostex R8 reel-to-reel tape recorder and a
Fostex R81 2 matching mixing desk. Although it was digitally edited with Cool Edit, all subsequent band releases were recorded digitally from start to finish.