Don’t Make It Right

© Steve Gascoyne

I was walking around, going nowhere, just the other day
But that did not stop someone from telling me
I was going the wrong way
This one’s trying to tell me how to live my life
When he was still hung-up trying to be streetwise
I’ve watched them drink together like men
Turn and fight each other like dogs
And in the morning
Get up, go to work, and they’re nobody

These were circles that I tried to leave behind me long ago
But people criticise me when I’m trying to let go
They told me that the reason this country’s in the state it’s in
Is because of all the blacks and the immigrants trying to get in
Now you can blame a race, you can even blame God
But a lie never brought no good to nobody

You see, there are a lot of lies going about today
And people want to believe a lie rather than to face the truth
That’s because it’s easier to believe a lie than to face the truth
But just because it’s easier….

Don’t make it right

(Ad lib to fade)