© Steve Gascoyne

For the prayers I never prayed
And the tears I couldn’t cry
And the time I never gave
Cos I couldn’t find the time

And I saw you sitting there
As the tears ran down your face
And I knew I could’ve been
If I only gave

Oh, Lord Jesus, help me be the man you want me to be
I’m trying hard, Lord. Don’t leave it all up to me
This road is long, so hard, so why can’t we?
So help me to be me

I remember your sister
And the joy she gave to me
And I think it’s so sad
If we don’t remember her name

Oh, Lucy, I love you
And I won’t forget your name
I can’t wait till Jesus comes
And I’ll see you again

The road is long and winds up so steep
It falls down, down, until you don’t know where you are
Just about keep it together, until suddenly,
it all breaks down
And you’re left there
And Jesus carries you through


We all feel like we’ve had it so bad
All the tears, the hurt and the pain
But in truth I know you’ve had it much worse
Can you ever learn to trust again?
It isn’t always going to be like this
These tears will be wiped away
The one’s cried deep down inside
That never see the light of day